Verreaux Eagle bronkhorstspruit aqua vista estate
Verreaux Eagle bronkhorstspruit aqua vista estate
Verreaux Eagle bronkhorstspruit aqua vista estate


Just imagine…. experiencing the breath-taking phenomenon of an iconic flight of the Verreaux Eagle right on your doorstep.

The Verreaux’s Eagle is particularly fond of mountainous and rocky terrain such as the area surrounding the Aqua Vista Mountain Estate. This area is renowned for being a nesting place to the magnificent Verreaux’s Eagle or, as some may call them as the ‘Black Eagle.’

In other parts of our country, their long-term survival might be threatened by radical changes in land-use. In the mountainous area surrounding the Aqua Vista Mountain Estate, however, they live in their natural habitat among rugged outcrops of solid rock.


  • The Verreaux’s Eagle is one of four large eagle species in Africa. The other three are the African Fish Eagle, the Crowned Eagle and the Martial Eagle.
  • The Verreaux’s Eagle can live up to forty-two (42) years in the wild.
  • Although they mate for life, they will replace their companion if he or she meets an untimely fate.
  • They measure 75 to 96 cm from the bill to the tip of the tail. Males weigh on average between 3 and 4.2 kg and the larger females weigh between 3.1 to 7 kg.
  • They have a wingspan of approximately two (2) metres and are very capable and agile aviators.
  • Unlike most other species of eagle, Verreaux’s Eagles usually build their nests on cliff ledges as opposed to trees.
  • The Verreaux’s Eagle needs mountainous terrain (such as the area surrounding the Aqua Vista Mountain Estate) with rocky ledges and cliffs in which to nest and hunt their favourite prey, the rock hyrax. Rock hyraxes, which share the Verreaux’s Eagle’s mountainous habitat, are the eagle’s main and often only prey but the eagles are also known to eat small mammals, birds, eggs and reptiles.
  • Because of their black colouring, the Verreaux’s Eagle is far more uncomfortable in the heat than in the cold. On hot days they can be seen panting, much like a dog does.
  • The Verreaux’s Eagle is an amazing flying machine. They can often be seen riding the thermals and gliding for long periods.