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Architectural Guidelines

The Aqua Vista development will encompass a beautiful unspoiled country lifestyle with the plateau and waterfront stands offering an unrestricted view of one of the few unpolluted dams in the environs of the major metropolitan region of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Kyalami. The cliffs rising sharply, and running the full length of the development, interspersed with vegetation and great rugged outcrops of solid rock present a glorious backdrop to the main hub of the area and are home to a large variety of fauna and flora. Architectural guidelines have been sensitively formulated to maintain the aesthetics of the estate and to ensure that a pristine environment is maintained for your pleasure.

Leading architects, GH Architects have been appointed to assist you with the design of your own exclusive home. Public and Private areas have been created to preserve the aesthetics of the mountain area and an Environmental Impact Study was done to ensure the creation of a park-like ambience.

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 Aqua Vista Carport Plan
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 Architectural Guidelines
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